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Acupoint Herbal Patch 穴位贴 – Lavender 薰衣草

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Feeling worn out, body aching and exhausted?

Amazing effect from the herbal patch. Extract your long accumulated body dampness (湿气) and cold wind (寒气) simply by pasting them under your feet while you sleep. Relieve your shoulder pain, neck pain and other aching from your body. Reduce pressure and pain from your knees!
Effect is immediate and obvious!


Specifications 规格:
  • 2x patches 贴 (95cm*130mm) x 25 sachets 袋
  • 50 patches 贴 per large pack 大包 (34cm*26cm)
Product Ingredients 产品成分:
  • Bamboo Vinegar 竹醋, Bamboo Charcoal 竹炭, Conchiolin Protein Powder 贝壳硬蛋白粉, Playcodon Grandiflorum Roots Extracts 桔梗根提取物, Vitis Vinifera Seeds 葡萄籽, Lavandula Angustifolia Extracts 薰衣草提取物, Tourmaline 电气石, Vitamin C 抗坏血酸(维生素C)
Usage Instruction 使用方法:
  1. 睡觉前擦干足底,把穴位贴贴在涌泉穴的位置或土豪贴(贴的严实些,最好穿个小袜子效果最佳,不易掉)。
  2. 第二早晨取下(保证8小时,是帖敷的最佳时间)。
  3. 用热毛巾擦拭脚底,切忌!!! 千万不要图省事,用热水或温水洗掉。


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Acupoint Herbal Patch 穴位贴

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