Immediate Relief !!!

I suffered from spinal pain from my neck down to my waist yesterday due to 5 hours of aircon exposure without covering my neck and shoulder the day before. It didn’t come across my mind to use the herbal patches because it was in the day time. So I went for a massage hoping to relieve it, but it was futile. The massage didn’t help but worsened it because of the aircon in the massage room !!!

Then my gastric started disturbing me. Usually when I suffer from spinal pain, gastric will follow suit.

Then I thought of trying out the herbal patches and searched for the key acupressure point for gastric pain.  “Zhong-Shu Xue” (中枢穴) was the answer. I patched along my whole spine and ended at this acupressure point.  After half an hour, I started burping and there was much reaction from my stomach. This was the first time I sorted out the spinal ache and my gastric pain together. After patching for around 12 hours, the pain was completely gone. Total number of patches used – 13. It cost only $13 which was much cheaper than the non-effective massage !!!

Half way through …

Say no to gastric medicine. Say no to pain killers !!!  I hope more people can try out these cheap and good herbal patches to relief their discomfort and pain too.


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